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Understanding Modern America: A Comprehensive Post-9/11 Timeline

Daniel Aquino overlayed over the erection of the flag above the ruins at ground zero.
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At We the Patriots, it's our commitment to inform, challenge, and inspire our audience. Episode 43, "Where Are We Now? A Deeper Dive", presented a nuanced journey through America's tumultuous recent history. To deepen your understanding, here's a robust timeline supported by credible sources:

2001: 9/11 Attacks The cataclysmic terrorist acts on American soil set a new course for the nation.

2001-2008: Response and Militarization America's retaliation was swift, with significant military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

2001: The Patriot Act The U.S. government fortified its surveillance capabilities post 9/11 with the USA PATRIOT Act.

2008-2016: Obama's Presidency From economic crises to healthcare reforms, Obama's terms shaped a new era for America.

2016-2020: Trump's Presidency Under Trump, America saw tax reforms, diplomatic shifts, and stark policy changes.

Biden's Vice Presidency & Ukraine Joe Biden and Ukraine became central talking points, especially concerning his son Hunter's affiliation with Burisma.

With the facts at your fingertips, dive deeper into each topic and continue fostering informed conversations. Together, let's continue shedding light on the voices that matter in our great nation.

Keep in mind that the facts presented thus far are from 'trusted' or 'established media organizations, which produced a lot of the raw facts and data that we used for our show. However, this show has been years in the making, and it is not the end of these talking points from us at We The Patriots. We Implore you to dive deeper, and to try to understand the Nuances of these ideas we try to illuminate with episode #43. The following is a list of sources and further material, maybe said to be considered unbiased, but that truly exposes the depth of our problems as a nation.

Do feel free to send us any sources that you have found to be insightful or illuminating. Visit to contact us or to help out the show! Get access to exclusive content when you become a member, now 50% off for a short time! See you there

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