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Exploring Social Policy and Personal Finance on "We the Patriots Podcast"

Welcome to "We the Patriots Podcast," where we delve into pressing issues that impact America. In our two most recent episodes, we had insightful conversations with expert guests, Lance Hillsinger and Skyler Fleming. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from social policy and gender inequality to the future of personal finance.

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In this episode, our host, Sal Assante, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with author Lance Hillsinger about social policy and gender inequality. Hillsinger shares insights from his two books, the first of which focuses on Child Protective Services and the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged parents within the system. He sheds light on the impact of poverty on parenting and the significance of supportive fathers in nurturing children's development.

The discussion broadens to explore government programs aimed at tackling poverty, with Hillsinger highlighting the demographic factors that contribute to this issue. Additionally, he addresses the gender gap in mental health and the unique challenges men face when seeking therapy.

Throughout the episode, various topics are explored, including housing affordability, population growth, and the necessity for better policies to address social issues. Hillsinger proposes innovative solutions, such as incentivizing the private sector to provide affordable housing, which may alleviate dependency on government assistance.

The primary aim of this episode is to foster civil debates surrounding the challenges faced by America and to discuss potential solutions that can lead to positive change.

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In this enlightening episode, our host, Sal Assante, sits down with Mr. Skyler Fleming, a certified Financial Coach, to discuss the future of personal finance and money management. Skyler shares his firsthand experiences working in a credit union, witnessing the financial struggles of individuals due to a lack of financial education. He emphasizes the importance of openly discussing money to empower others to make better financial decisions.

Skyler advocates for financial literacy and automation as powerful tools for financial success. He encourages listeners to automate their finances through direct deposits, 401(k) contributions, and the use of apps like M1 Finance for efficient money management. Starting with small steps and focusing on one financial goal at a time is paramount in building a secure financial future.

The conversation also touches on the impact of automation on personal finances and how Artificial Intelligence can both aid and potentially leave some individuals behind if not thoughtfully integrated. Furthermore, Skyler highlights the value of giving back to the community and sharing financial knowledge with others.

Key takeaways from this episode include the importance of financial education, the benefits of automation for saving and budgeting, and the significance of starting small to achieve financial stability. Skyler's advice empowers listeners to take control of their finances and make informed decisions for a secure financial future.

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"We the Patriots Podcast" continues to bring relevant and compelling content to our audience. Our recent episodes on social policy and gender inequality, as well as personal finance and automation, have sparked thoughtful discussions about critical issues that shape America's future. We encourage our listeners to engage with us further and stay tuned for more enlightening discussions on topics that matter. Catch these episodes and more on our YouTube channel at the provided links!

Remember, together, as patriots, we can build a better tomorrow. Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations on "We the Patriots Podcast"!

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