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Meet The Hosts Andrew & Sal

Historic photo from the 15th episode of the podcast featuring both original owners in a candid moment.

Andrew and Sal have a unique history dating back to 2017. We met on a club baseball team, and quickly found out that we got along better together than we did with the rest of the team. Through plenty of adventures and roller coaster rides, we came together to make a small idea into reality. We The Patriots has been one of our common ideas for the past 4+ years, and now we’re taking the steps necessary expand upon our original little idea. We thank each and every one of you who have.   been supportive of our goals, and we can’t thank you enough for being given the opportunity to have a platform to spread goodness.

Meet Sal

Portrait of Sal Assante, the charismatic host of the We The Patriots Podcast.

Sal was born and raised in Montville, NJ. He currently helps coach a club baseball team, while also working part time with his family business. He is also self published author, and his extra time is dedicated to producing The We The Patriots Podcast, as well other personal aspirations. Inspired by a plethora of influential voices using podcasting as a medium, Sal started working on our show, along with Andrew, shortly after the Presidential election in 2020. Today, Sal Hosts most of our new shows, and he continues to work in the background as well. 

Meet Andrew

Image of Andrew Grasso, the dedicated co-host and co-owner of We The Patriots Podcast.

Andrew is from Central Jersey. Shortly after their time playing club ball, Andrew convinced Sal to Join him in pursuing higher level athletics while attending his hometown county college. After playing collegiately halfway across the country, Andrew is now taking on a much larger role in producing WTP content, not to mention his undeniable efforts behind the scenes and in his own work. Andrew Simultaneously juggles full time work and college, while also keeping up with his own channel and WTP all at the same time. 

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